Dear all,

Hope you are having a good time.. As you can see, IMU will have a brand new new club soon and it's related to one of the hottest topics of 2010 which is also the main concern for the world right now! The first step is to recruit at least 20 members inclusive of committee members for those who are interested. For now, you can email Isabell Tam Wen Feng ( or Cheong Yee Yi ( your NAME, ID, BATCH & CONTACT NO to register or if you have queries. The AGM/WELCOMING PARTY is on3rd February 2010 (wednesday) from 1 - 1.45pm in 3.06 (room opposite library pigeon holes) while lunch is provided to elect committee and disclose all the plans and acitivities. Students can just walk in on that day itself or after the club is formed to register, but we need to have at least 20 confirmed members before AGM starts. Every member (to be involved in commtitee or not) should come to the AGM. We hope by taking this small step, we can create a positive change for mother earth. Small steps go a long way. Thank you for your attention! Have a wonderful day!

P.s. : Please email or check out our event on facebook
( to confirm if you are coming best before Monday, 1st Feb 2010.


M108 student,

SRC - Paintball?

Hey people,

Guess what? We’re having a paintball event!

Realizing that it has been rather quiet lately in IMU, and SRC has been keeping a pretty low profile, we’ve decided to come up with something totally out of the ordinary, hence paintball!

It’s a post-CNY event, the 26th February, which is fortunately a Friday (so you can recuperate during the weekend) . Details are as below:

Date: 26th February, Friday
Time: 7.45am - 5.00pm
Location: Canyon Paintball @ the Club, Bukit Utama.

Last date for RSVP is 19th of February 2010.

Excited yet?

Then you’d better sign up quick with SRC through facebook! Request an invitation at, and you’d better move fast, because the strict cutoff number of people we’re taking is set at 50!

Mask on! Barrel socks off! Game ON!

IT Liaison 09/10.

Recycling Campaign

Dear All,

Students from MP 1/10, MQ1/10 are organizing a recycling campaign to raise funds for Charity Home. We need your help by sending to them recyclable items.

They will collect the items from 21 Jan until 29 Jan 2010.
Time for collection : 8.15am - 9.15am; 12.45noon - 1.30pm
Venue: IMU Atrium.
Items: Old newspaper magazines, books, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, boxes, cardboards, etc.

Hopefully you may support the campaign to save the environment and also support for the orphanage.

Best regards,

Yap Ming Fai
Student Counsellor

P109: "Not an Ordinary Love"

To all batch reps,

Hi, we're from P109 and we would like to invite everyone to come over for our Malaysian Studies Drama which will be help on 5th of February (Friday) at LT2 from 5 - 7pm.Please kindly inform your batchmates about this event. If possible, please blog about it as well =) So, do come and support us~


SM Recruitment

(Message from Chief SMs, Orientation ME DT1/10)

Time flies, memories about M2/09 orientation still fresh in my mind, but it's time for us to prepare for MEDT1/10 orientation. We, JOE & CHEE YUAN, as the Chief SM for coming orientation, would like to invite all of you to join us in the coming orientation. As a senior, we have the responsibilities to let our juniors enjoy their orientation as much as possible, hence we need your helps so our juniors can enjoy their orientation just like what we had during our orientation. You can join us in any of the following events:

- Wet Icebreakers

- Indoor Treasure Hunt

- Outdoor Treasure Hunt

- Telematch

I know some of you have the misconception regarding OO and SM. Some of you might think that you can't be SM if you become OO. Just for your information, you can be BOTHHHHHHHHHHHH.....

You can reach us by e-mail or 24/7 on mobile phone.

Joe 017-3221340
Chee Yuan 016-4213977

General Notices for Upcoming Semester 2

Hey everyone! Hope you're all enjoying your holidays!
Results for Summative 1 have now been released so if you haven't checked, head over to your IMU email account.

Timetables, groupings and general information for next semester have now been put up on iDrive if you want to go take a look at it.

The pathway to get there from iDrive is:

Timetable and Notices > Medical Sciences > Semester 2 > ME209 Foundation 2

That's all from me for now. Enjoy the rest of your holidays and I will see you all next sem!
Take care!

REAL Undergraduate Conference

Dear all,

The Ministry of Higher Education together with REAL Leaders Solutions will be organizing the 3rd REAL Undergraduate Conference (RUC). RUC is Malaysia’s biggest conference where undergraduates from different institutions are given the opportunity to learn from our country’s leaders. Details for the conference are as follows :

Date : 30th January 2010

Time : 8am – 6pm

Venue : Hall A, Putrajaya International Convention Centre

Theme : Undergraduates of One Malaysia

Fee : RM80 ( the price is after subsidy by the Ministry as well as corporate companies. Originally it is RM398 per person)

Opening and Closing Speeches will be by Y.B. Dato’ Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin, Minister of Higher Education. Among the keynote speakers who were present at previous RUC were Tun Mahathir Mohamad, Dato’ Kamilia Ibrahim, Datuk Ainun Marziah Wahi (VP of Petronas) and Madam Koid Swee Lian ( Director of Bank Negara Malaysia)

For more information, please log on to or call 016-2626 740 to speak directly with the organizers.

Interested students should give their name, student ID and contact information with the payment of RM80 to Zia (President of SRC) no later than the 13th of January 2010. You can contact me at 016-257-8520. There are only 38 seats allocated and it is on a first come first serve basis.

Thank you.

Warmest regards,
Zia Shah

Student Representative Council
International Medical University

Fire Safety Procedures

Dear all,

Please note that there are 6 to 8
Fire Exits in each floor in this building. The fire exits are marked KELUAR in green.

These doors can be opened
ONLY from inside. The doors are fitted with two types of locks a push bar handle lock and/or a knob to be turned anticlockwise twice.

Mr. Amir is at present preparing signages showing the fire exit pathway and the floor plans with nearest fire exits for each cluster.

Please be familiar with the nearest fire exit to your workstation.

Please bring to my immediate notice if any fire exit is inaccessible.

The present
Medical Emergency Operating Procedure is attached. Please see it.

Warmest regards,
Zia Shah