Book vouchers for us.

Both Seremban and PMS students can collect the book vouchers at 24th of Feb, from 12 - 3pm at SSD.
Help me spread the words.


The debriefing will be in Skill Centre at 2.30pm today ( 9/12/2011)
Please help spread.


Hello everyone.


You can check them out from the elearning portal.


Dr. Janet Porter had some problems in sending emails regarding the student tutor scheme to some of the students. Those of you with your names listed below, do send an email to Dr Janet so she will have your working address. (

Chong Hon Khi   (Bryon Frankie)
Chia Sheng Giap
Sherie Tan

Thank you.

GP posting reports

The names below are required to see Miss Punitha in AAD immediately.

1. Lessandra Chee Yan Shan
2. Sana Majdhee

thank you.

Student Tutor Scheme

Hello everyone

Download link below is a softcopy of the CSU student tutor scheme application form
Those of you who are interested can print out, fill it in and drop the form in the CSU nurse counter.


Course evaluation

Hey everyone,

This is regarding the course evaluation that we were all supposed to have finished it last week. There is a time extension for the evaluation as we had summative. 

The course evaluation is very important as it is a reflection of students during the CNS system. In addition, the results from this evaluation are sent to the PMS deans who will be down in March for the academic council meeting. 

The response rate for the batch is only 23% so far. Would really appreciate it if you all can spare some time to finish the survey. 
Thank you