Dear batchmates,

ASSAM FISH (from Carrefour-Endah Parade) has opened a stall down in IMU Driveway.

You can place your orders with them, and they will deliver the food to IMU at the TWO following time slots:
(1). Order between 4 - 5.30pm, Food delivered at 6pm.
(2). Order between 6-7.30pm, Food delivered at 8pm.

The food is good! No kidding. And it's HALAL!

Enjoy this new facility ok!

MEDTCh1/11 Orientation: Calling for SPIES!

Dear batchmates,

The MEDTCh1/11 Orientation Comm is calling for SPIES/Pengintip from our batch.

Anyone interested, please contact Wai Liam (Chief Spy) at, or 0147596713.

Also take note that Orientation will be starting during our holidays.

Please pass the word around :)

KKB Bus Schedule: URGENT!

Dear batchmates,
Gotta apologise on behalf of the uni that you guys can't access I-drive from home.
You've gotta come over to uni to access it!

By the way, the bus schedule is as follows (Detailed on in i-Drive: under Rotation folder):

1). Bus will leave IMU Bukit Jalil at 3.00pm the DAY BEFORE the 1st day of your rotation.
2). It will pick you up from the hostel at 8.15am EVERY MORNING of the rotation dates to bring you to KKB Hospital.
3). It will pick you up from KKB hospital back to hostel at 4.30pm.
4). On FINAL DAY of rotation, bus will leave hostel at 5.30pm to bring you BACK TO IMU.

*Please double-check!

Have fun at Rotations!

Feedback Session After Summa

Dear students,

Pls be informed that the Feedback Session will be held soon after your exam tomorrow at LT1 (3.05). I’ve booked the venue from 11.45am – 1.00pm.

It will be conducted by either Dr Joachim or Dr Cho Min Naing.

Good luck!



Book Collection Drive: For Laos Children

Dear students,

The Community Service Club is organizing a trip to Laos and we hope to collect unwanted books(suitable for kindergarten and primary school children) and clothings to donate to the community.
We'll be setting up a booth in atrium on Tuesday(16/11/2010) and Friday(19/11/2010), we look forward to and appreciate all your efforts and contribution.

Thank you.

Lecture - Immunology of the GIT

Please be informed that the above lecture by Dr Channa Senanayake will be scheduled as follows :

Date: 16 November 2010 (Tuesday)
Time : 10.15am - 11.15am
Venue : Lecture Theatre 3.05 (LT1)

The above-lecture which was scheduled for Friday (12 Nov 2010) is cancelled.

Kindly, inform the rest of your batch. Thank you.

Dr. Srikumar's Q&A and GIT Overview Session

Hey batchmates,

Venue: LT3
Time: 1.00pm - 1.30pm


ME2/09 Gastrointestinal System Course Evaluation

Dear students

CtME is scheduling ME2/09 Semester 3 online evaluation on next Monday, 8 November 2010. Please be reminded on the following:

IMU-REEM, Gastrointestinal Course and Lecturer Evaluation
Date: 8 November 2010 (Monday)
Time: 10.30am-12.30pm
Venue: E-lab 3 (The grouping list will be paste on Elab' door)

Please take note the attendance will be taken. CtME would really appreciate your participation of this exercise and your co-operation is highly appreciated for curriculum development.

Rohayati Raben


Hey everyone,

Rotation postings are now up on the iDrive!

You can find it by following this pathway iDrive> Timetable and Notices > Semester 3> M209 > ROTATION POSTINGS