IMEC Pre-conference Workshop

Dear all,

As you may be aware that the 7th International Medical Education Conference (IMEC 2010) is held on 24 - 26 March 2010 in the IMU Bukit Jalil Campus.

The pre-conference workshops will be held on 24/3/10. As enclosed, there are 6 workshops and one of it is on Complementing Conventional Western Medicine by Professor Michael Haneline and Professor Rand Baird. The IMEC committee is encouraging IMU students to attend this workshop. The programme is shown below:

7th International Medical Education Conference

Venue: IMU, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur

Pre-Conference Workshops* (Wednesday, 24 March 2010), IMU, Bukit Jalil


(0900 – 1230)

Workshop 1

Educational Leadership in a World of Change

Jonas Nordquist,

Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Workshop 2

Evidence-based Teaching and Best Evidence Medical Education

Ron Harden,

University of Dundee, United Kingdom

Workshop 3

Clinical Supervision for Nursing

Lim Pek Hong , Margo Mapanga and Siew Wei Fern,

IMU, Malaysia


(1400 – 1700)

Workshop 4

Standardisation of Clinical and Practical Supervision in Dental Education

Toh Chooi Gait, Seow Liang Lin, Hanan Omar

IMU, Malaysia

Workshop 5

Complementing Conventional Western Medicine

Michael Haneline and Rand Baird

International Medical University, Malaysia

Workshop 6

Assessing Attitudes in Medical Students

Sivalingam Nalliah, Verasingam Kumarasamy, Zaid Ali Alsagoff

IMU, Malaysia

IMU is willing to sponsor a total of 6 students to participate. IMU will pay a nominal fee of RM90.00 for each student and the student NEED TO PAY ONLY RM10.00 for the event.

For those who wish to attend and if they happen to have classes during this time, please ensure you seek permission from their respective dean/head in order to attend the workshop.

Kindly confirm the your attendence by 12th March with Pei Jin, PR Liaison through or you can contact her at 016-628-3445.

It will be on a first come first serve basis.

You can also read this and other news on

Warmest regards,
Zia Shah

From Seniors: Dentistry and Medical Convo Mag Survey

Hey guys, its Arthur.

As you know, the end of our Sem 5 is approaching (or beginning, for you medicals ;P) and so a few of us have to write some articles for our convomag. Me and Amy Chen were given the task of writing up an article apiece on which gender makes the better dentist, male or female. SO, to aid us in getting solid data we created this here survey (, and I was wondering if you could just email it to the batch reps of every batch in IMU, along with the faculty so we can write our articles with some statistics instead of just some opinions and convictions.

Thanks a lot!

Facility Announcements

Dear all,

There is a Student Lounge survey to be done - which is especially important because we need to (realistictly) until what time the student lounge should be open. We have got quite a mixed response on this so we would really appreciate your feedback on this! It will be closed on 1st of March.

Recycle Bins

As some are aware, there have been recycle bins placed around campus for over two months now. This was an initiative taken by Facilities and Management and SRC. We hope students will use them well and will only put the appropriate items in the appropriate bins.

The bins at LG, near the Canteen and Darts area are for Plastic, Paper and Cans.
The bins that are placed near the escalators are for Plastic only.
They are the round bins with the recycle stickers on them.

Gym News

SRC, the Gym Club and SSD are working towards improving the gym facilities. We have completed the maintenance of the current equipment and the airconditioner and placed lockers inside the gym for people to place their valuables in whilst exercising.

We are currently working on purchasing new equipment and improving ventilation.

Warmest regards,
Zia Shah

Orientation T-Shirts

Hello one and all!

Orientation is coming up and i am here to promote our tshirt design.
I know its cny and everyones busy, but could you please post it on your batch blog and help promote our tshirt (:
those who are interested, please email ann gee : with the following particulars:

Batch :
Size :
Junior or senior design :
Phone number:

The sizes available are (baby tee) 36,38, and (shirt) M ,L ,XL.\

The junior shirt costs RM17 whereas the senior shirt costs RM31.

Also, be reminded that orientation starts on the 23rd of February
Any queries do feel free to ask

Happy chinese new year!

Chief OO,

Blood Donation Drive

Dear All,

The Buddhist Society will be organizing it's biannual blood donation on 9 - 11 February 2010.Details of the event as follow:

Event: Blood Donation Drive
Date: 9 February - 11 February 2010
Time: 10 p.m - 5 p.m
Venue: In front of LT 3, 4th Floor

Hence, Student Services Department would like to ask your support and encourage you to show that IMU Cares.


Aznah Arshad
Student Services Department

Student Representative Council
International Medical University

Compulsory OO Briefing

This is regarding Orientation M1/10. All OOs have a compulsory briefing to attend on Monday (8th Feb 2010). It's at 4 p.m. at LT1. If any of your seniors would like to come along, they can! SPREAD THE WORD AROUND OK! :)