OSPE Notice and Groupings

Dear Students,

The OSPE notice, grouping and floor plan for EOS 3 exam which will be held on Tuesday, 4 Jan 2011 at 9.00am is AVAILABLE ON THE I-Drive -> Timetables & Notices -> ME209 folder.

Please note:

§ Briefing for Group 1 will be held in Room 4.04 at 8.30am.

§ Whilst Group 2 are being seated, Group 1 are to assemble in Room 2.07.03 (MPH1). Group 1 will be released from quarantine after Group 2 commence their exam.

§ Briefing for Group 2 will be held in Room 1.10 at 11.00am. Group 2 will start the exam approximately at 11.40am.

Thank you.




OSCE Groupings

I've put up the OSCE Grouping in the I-Drive & Student Notice Board. Please put it on your Semester Blog, as well.

The OSPE grouping will be ready next week. My colleague Puan Zalifah will put it up on the I-Drive for your batch.

Good luck in the EOS3 & Merry Christmas!

Imelda Bartolome
EDIT: It's not currently on iDrive at the moment but I will update you when it's uploaded. If you want to know now then please check the noticeboard, cheers!

Secret Valentine FINALLY UP & RUNNING WILD!!!

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Time to let your mind do some work for your precious friends!!!

If you have just started school, it's time to give your friends a surprise!

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Note: The above 4 categories apply only to IMU students.

How to nominate? Email your friends' names & photos to

Fear not! As all informations will be kept confidential and the list of nominees will only be announced after the dead line.

We have also reserved Category E for our lecturers. Do let us know as well who's the most caring lecturer that you'd like to include for this run!

Category E- MOST caring lecturer

For more details, pls visit:

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Change In Mentor-Mentee List

Hey everyone!

There have been some changes to the mentor-mentee list for M209.

  • If your previous mentor was Dr. Channa Pradeep Senanayake your new mentor is now Dr. Vandana Bahl

  • If your pervious mentor was Prof. Christeine Ariaranee, your new mentor is now Dr. Chan Li Li

  • If you previously had Dr. Sufyan Akram your new mentor is now Dr. Premalatha Gopal Das

The rest remains unchanged - your mentor is still the same.

Hope you're all doing well and best of luck for EOS!!