PMS matching appeals

Guidelines for pms appeals

Matching appeals application forms

Note (From AAD): Appeals will only be dealt with on a case-to-case basis and we do not encourage any appeals from students.  Students are required to read the attached info thoroughly before submitting an appeal.


PMS matching result will be out coming Monday ( 24th of October )

5.30pm at 3.06

Note: PMS students only to prevent overcrowding.

Dr Ram Sharma's lectures

Hey batchmates,

The notes for today's lecture on middle ear has been uploaded on elearning.

Seems like tomorrow's Dr Nilesh lecture will also be taken over by Dr. Ram Sharma. Help inform others.

Thank you.

CBL Cases and Groupings

Cases for CBL can be found on e-learning or downloaded via this link:

Groupings can be downloaded here:

Groupings and organization are as follows:
All 200 students will be divided into 8 groups of 25 each. Select 2 or 3 from each group to present ; but others should also contribute e.g. asking relevant questions on the topic. Everybody should read the case carefully and I hope you take the opportunity of interacting with the Faculty and the guest from US.

  • Group 1- Sr. number 1 to 25 (Question 1)
  • Group 2 – Sr.number 26 to 50 (Question 2)
  • Group 3- Sr. number 51 to 75 (Question 3)
  • Group 4 – Sr.number 76 to 100 (Question 4)
  • Group 5- Sr. number 101 to 125 (Question 5)
  • Group 6 – Sr.number 126 to 150 (Question 6)
  • Group 7- Sr. number 151 to 175 (Question 7)
  • Group 8 – Sr.number 176 to 200 (Question 8)

Introductions and Forum : 8:00- 8:50 am [Student numbers 21,42, 63,84,105,126, 147,168,189 must ask questions . Other students are also welcome]

Break – 10 minutes

Student presentations : 9 to 10 am [maximum 7 minutes per group + 3 minutes for Q &A]

Notes on UML & LML

Hey batchamtes,

You can download the notes from the link below

GP posting assessment forms

Please note that the names below AAD has yet to receive assessment and DTB forms from the your doctors. Please see Rozlin from AAD regarding this matter.

Chang Sue Ann
Adnesh Kenneth Andrew
Amar Vaswani
Brenida Lau
Bryon Frankie Chong Hon Khi
Chan Juen Zhik
Chan Xin Hui
Cheah Yue Yi
Colin Teo Han Jern
Delicia Chua Shen Yee
Dhassareth a/l Manickam
Eunice Lee Gui Yu
Goh Cheng Chun
Harinder Kaur A/P Gurcharan Singh
Iygaran a/l Ravindran
Janeni A/P Nadarajah
Khaw Li Li
Koay Leping
Lee Chee Yen
Leong Hui Chuin
Lim Jun Keit
Lim Ming Han
Lim Wei Jin
Lim Zhi Han Nicholas
Mahendrah a/l Jaya Kumar
Mohd Ikmal Bin Abd Kahar
Muhammad Imran Bin Masran
Ng Huey Yuan
Nur 'Afifa Binti Zohari
Nur Hanna Illyana Bt Mohd Zulkifli
Nur Syazwani bte Salehuddin
Ranila Ishani Sirisinghe
Schasha Binti Zahidi
Syafiqah Bte Mahali
Tan Mei Ying
Tan Swee Vien
Teoh Kok Wooi
Wan Jun Kit
Wong Guo Wai
Wong Wei Xiang
Wong Wu Ken Kevin
Yeo Wei Ling Valerie

  Leroy Tan Young King
 Samuel Ling


Hey everyone,

Groupings (including subgroups) have now been uploaded on e-learning. It can be found by clicking on this link:

Also, all the information regarding IMS cases and instructions can be found here:


Final Reminder for GP Posting Report

Please help to inform the students listed below to submit their GP Report by Thursday, 13 October 2011.

If they still fail to submit, they will be barred from taking the End-of-Semester 5 Examination.

1. Samuel Hor Zhen Chee

2. Lim Wei Jin

3. Eunice Lee Gui Yu

4. Sarfaraz Mohamed

5. Lee Sy Yeong Mark

6. Amar Vaswani

Thank you,


Academic Services


Hey batchmates,

IMS briefing

10th of October
8.30am - 9am

Briefing by MSL for PMS students

12th of October


Hey everyone!

Please note the changes of our NS timetable on weeks 12 & 13. The updated version can be found on e-learning or you can simply download it here:

The changes made are to our mock OSCE groupings as there were errors on the original timetable.