First Aid Club Welcoming Party

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great week off!

Anyway, here's a little announcement from the First Aid Club.

Dear all,

IMU First Aid Club would be organising its Welcoming Party 09 this coming week! We would like to extend our invitation to all new members from the all the Health Sciences of 2009 as well as the M209 cohorts!!

The details of the Welcoming Party are as follow:

Date : 30th September 2009 (Wednesday)

Venue: Lecture theatre 3, Level 4

Time : 1230 - 1330

Light refreshments will be provided.

If you are interested to know more about the Club as well as interested in registering, please do come for the Welcoming Party too!!

IMU First Aid Club

Invitation to a Medical Forum :"VLCD for Weight Reduction"

Dear All,
You are cordially invited to this complimentary Medical Forum which consists of two talks entitled “VLCD for Weight Reduction” and “Batriatic Surgery” to be held on Tuesday, 13 October 2009 at Auditorium B, Level 4, Bukit Jalil.

(don't know what's wrong with the colour of the poster..)

For those who wish to attend, please confirm your participation with CtME (level 2) as soon as possible. This is open to all faculties.

(From: Catherine, on behalf of Prof Fatimah Arshad)

Selamat Hari Raya

This should have been posted up on Sunday..sorry for the delay.
Anyways, Selamat Hari Raya to all our muslim batchmates & happy holidays to the others~ :)

Announcments - 16 Sept.

Hey M209,
Thanks for making the effort to view our batch blog. Do visit it regularly for announcements & stuff ya, coz' we can't announce all of it after lectures. :)

Here are some announcements:

1. Ammendments in Timetable for Weeks 5, 6 and 10
This announcement is from the Academic Affairs Dept (AAD). There is a change in our timetable for Weeks 5, 6 and 10. Please check the i-Drive under "Revised Timetable" for the new timetable.

2. Orientation Group Photos
Orientation group leaders, please pass 30 photos of your group (including photos & videos from the Charity Home Visit) to Martin ("The Dark Shadow") by the end of this week, 18th of Sept. According to Joash, you can and will find him in the library.

3. MOHE Future Leaders Camp 2009
From Nilai University College:
Greetings from NIlai UC !!!
Please find in the attachment an invitation from the Ministry of Higher Education to join the Nilai UC-MOHE Future Leaders Camp which will be held from 7 -9 November, 2009 at Nilai Springs Resort Hotel. Please refer to the attachment for more details. Also attached are the registration forms.
I believe this camp would give your student leaders an opportunity to excel in their leadership skills for their future undertaking. Hope you can help to identify your student leaders and encourage them to sign up for this camp as soon as possible.

Thank you

Alfred Ong
Department of Student Affairs
Nilai University College
[PK Education Sdn Bhd (307215P)]
No. 1, Persiaran Kolej BBN, Putra Nilai
71800 Nilai,
Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus,
Tel : 06-850 2338 Ext. 344
Fax : 06-850 1766
E-mail :

Website :

4. Health Posters in the Atrium
The BPharm Semester 5 students have prepared 20 posters on various health topics as their Community Pharmacy project. The posters are displayed at the Atrium from Wednesday, 16th September to Friday, 18th September.

Please feel free to view the posters...

5. Guidelines to Borrowing First Aid Kits

Below is the new Guidelines to borrowing First Aid Kits, issued by the First Aid Club.

Please remember that the emergency cases should really be emergencies and not just because they forgot to apply for it.


In lieu of recent happenings, the first aid club has decided to keep some of the kits due to irresponsible borrowing.

1) We will keep 3 kits (K1, K2, and K3). These are fully stocked kits. To borrow these kits for ANY EVENTS, you will have to

a) Apply for them 2 days prior to the event. The application form can be obtained from Aznah, in the SSD Department OR from the SRC.

b) Once filled, please return the forms to Aznah.

We will process the forms and hand out the kits personally to you.

2) However, in cases of EMERGENCY, there will be 2 other kits in the SAD Store Room. These kits are stocked with the bare necessities for any emergency cases. To borrow these kits, you have to

a) Inform Aznah.

b) Write down your details in this Log Book.

c) As soon as the emergency is dealt with, RETURN THE KITS.

We are very sorry for the inconveniences caused, but this is the only way where we can accurately track down the kits, and their borrowers.

Any inquiries should be directed to:

Even More Announcements

Hey everyone! Welcome to our batch blog and a massive clap of appreciation goes to Nicholas!
I know that everyday we've got a hoard of announcements to fire at you lot and I'm pretty sure what you hear goes in one ear and comes out the other. Hopefully this blog will help get the message across to you guys.

Anyway, here are the majority of announcements so do take your time to read them carefully.


1) The Language Department wants to organise an IELTS and MUET workshop for students who have yet to sit for their IELTS and MUET exams. As a group, we need to vote on which weekend is suitable for us. We well be asking for your feedback after tomorrow's lectures and so the following dates are:

IELTS workshop (2 days) - 3&4 Oct, 10&11 Oct and 17&18 Oct
MUET workshop (half day with lunch and materials provided) - 3 Oct, 10 Oct, 17 Oct or 24 Oct

Please note that it is not possible to attend both workshops on the same date. Therefore, do have a think about it and see which dates suit you best.

2) The Centre for Medical Education (CtME), with the assistance of the Learning Resources Dept, has scheduled a continuing series of lunchtime educational sessions in support of advancing e-learning and use of digital resources at IMU.

The topic for this Wednesday, 16th September 2009, 12.15 - 1.15pm is on RSS and is opened to all faculty and students. The venue will be E-Lab 1 on Level 3

3) The skin care brand CLINIQUE will be having a roadshow and workshops in IMU this Thursday, 17th September 2009. There will be two sessions of Basic Skin Care and Make Up presentations from 11:00am - 12:00 pm and at 1.30pm to 2.30pm in LT2. All participants will be given a goodie bag with compliments from Clinique worth RM200.

4) The Buddy System Meet is tomorrow, Wednesday 16th September 2009 from 12.30pm to 2.00pm at Dewan Cansellor. There's going to be live music and free food so do come along and meet up with your seniors. If you don't know who you're meeting up with then check out the Social Concerns Board on the Ground Floor

5) Calling all Hydra members! Male Basketball players are needed for the semi-finals and they're also looking for Table Tennis players too. If you're interested, please contact Siang Wei.


That's all the announcements for now so until next time, hope you're all doing great and take care!


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So, this is where i've decided to create M209's blog. hmm... Apparently it's used to update you all with announcements and all, and of course random posts from random people are welcomed. Anyone wanna share anything about orientation??

Either way, this should prove to be an intriguing place, it IS my first time managing a blog... So any help/advice is extremely welcomed! :D