OSPE Notice and Groupings

Dear Students,

The OSPE notice, grouping and floor plan for EOS 3 exam which will be held on Tuesday, 4 Jan 2011 at 9.00am is AVAILABLE ON THE I-Drive -> Timetables & Notices -> ME209 folder.

Please note:

§ Briefing for Group 1 will be held in Room 4.04 at 8.30am.

§ Whilst Group 2 are being seated, Group 1 are to assemble in Room 2.07.03 (MPH1). Group 1 will be released from quarantine after Group 2 commence their exam.

§ Briefing for Group 2 will be held in Room 1.10 at 11.00am. Group 2 will start the exam approximately at 11.40am.

Thank you.




OSCE Groupings

I've put up the OSCE Grouping in the I-Drive & Student Notice Board. Please put it on your Semester Blog, as well.

The OSPE grouping will be ready next week. My colleague Puan Zalifah will put it up on the I-Drive for your batch.

Good luck in the EOS3 & Merry Christmas!

Imelda Bartolome
EDIT: It's not currently on iDrive at the moment but I will update you when it's uploaded. If you want to know now then please check the noticeboard, cheers!

Secret Valentine FINALLY UP & RUNNING WILD!!!

LOVE is everywhere! SHOW IT! BLAST YOUR LOVE!!!

Time to let your mind do some work for your precious friends!!!

If you have just started school, it's time to give your friends a surprise!

If you have exams, you have something to look forward to after your exam, do something for your friends!

If you are on holidays, the MORE YOU SHOULD NOMINATE YOUR FRIENDS starting today:

Category A- BEST boyfriend (only for singles)

Category B- BEST girlfriend (only for singles)

Category C- MOST compatible couple

Category D- MOST compatible POTENTIAL couple

Note: The above 4 categories apply only to IMU students.

How to nominate? Email your friends' names & photos to

Fear not! As all informations will be kept confidential and the list of nominees will only be announced after the dead line.

We have also reserved Category E for our lecturers. Do let us know as well who's the most caring lecturer that you'd like to include for this run!

Category E- MOST caring lecturer

For more details, pls visit:

Or just click on "Secret Valentine" label on the top horizontal menu bar of any SRC blog page!!!

Change In Mentor-Mentee List

Hey everyone!

There have been some changes to the mentor-mentee list for M209.

  • If your previous mentor was Dr. Channa Pradeep Senanayake your new mentor is now Dr. Vandana Bahl

  • If your pervious mentor was Prof. Christeine Ariaranee, your new mentor is now Dr. Chan Li Li

  • If you previously had Dr. Sufyan Akram your new mentor is now Dr. Premalatha Gopal Das

The rest remains unchanged - your mentor is still the same.

Hope you're all doing well and best of luck for EOS!!


Dear batchmates,

ASSAM FISH (from Carrefour-Endah Parade) has opened a stall down in IMU Driveway.

You can place your orders with them, and they will deliver the food to IMU at the TWO following time slots:
(1). Order between 4 - 5.30pm, Food delivered at 6pm.
(2). Order between 6-7.30pm, Food delivered at 8pm.

The food is good! No kidding. And it's HALAL!

Enjoy this new facility ok!

MEDTCh1/11 Orientation: Calling for SPIES!

Dear batchmates,

The MEDTCh1/11 Orientation Comm is calling for SPIES/Pengintip from our batch.

Anyone interested, please contact Wai Liam (Chief Spy) at patronusconjurer@hotmail.com, or 0147596713.

Also take note that Orientation will be starting during our holidays.

Please pass the word around :)

KKB Bus Schedule: URGENT!

Dear batchmates,
Gotta apologise on behalf of the uni that you guys can't access I-drive from home.
You've gotta come over to uni to access it!

By the way, the bus schedule is as follows (Detailed on in i-Drive: under Rotation folder):

1). Bus will leave IMU Bukit Jalil at 3.00pm the DAY BEFORE the 1st day of your rotation.
2). It will pick you up from the hostel at 8.15am EVERY MORNING of the rotation dates to bring you to KKB Hospital.
3). It will pick you up from KKB hospital back to hostel at 4.30pm.
4). On FINAL DAY of rotation, bus will leave hostel at 5.30pm to bring you BACK TO IMU.

*Please double-check!

Have fun at Rotations!

Feedback Session After Summa

Dear students,

Pls be informed that the Feedback Session will be held soon after your exam tomorrow at LT1 (3.05). I’ve booked the venue from 11.45am – 1.00pm.

It will be conducted by either Dr Joachim or Dr Cho Min Naing.

Good luck!



Book Collection Drive: For Laos Children

Dear students,

The Community Service Club is organizing a trip to Laos and we hope to collect unwanted books(suitable for kindergarten and primary school children) and clothings to donate to the community.
We'll be setting up a booth in atrium on Tuesday(16/11/2010) and Friday(19/11/2010), we look forward to and appreciate all your efforts and contribution.

Thank you.

Lecture - Immunology of the GIT

Please be informed that the above lecture by Dr Channa Senanayake will be scheduled as follows :

Date: 16 November 2010 (Tuesday)
Time : 10.15am - 11.15am
Venue : Lecture Theatre 3.05 (LT1)

The above-lecture which was scheduled for Friday (12 Nov 2010) is cancelled.

Kindly, inform the rest of your batch. Thank you.

Dr. Srikumar's Q&A and GIT Overview Session

Hey batchmates,

Venue: LT3
Time: 1.00pm - 1.30pm


ME2/09 Gastrointestinal System Course Evaluation

Dear students

CtME is scheduling ME2/09 Semester 3 online evaluation on next Monday, 8 November 2010. Please be reminded on the following:

IMU-REEM, Gastrointestinal Course and Lecturer Evaluation
Date: 8 November 2010 (Monday)
Time: 10.30am-12.30pm
Venue: E-lab 3 (The grouping list will be paste on Elab' door)

Please take note the attendance will be taken. CtME would really appreciate your participation of this exercise and your co-operation is highly appreciated for curriculum development.

Rohayati Raben


Hey everyone,

Rotation postings are now up on the iDrive!

You can find it by following this pathway iDrive> Timetable and Notices > Semester 3> M209 > ROTATION POSTINGS


Replacement for NKM Lecture

Please note the change for the replacement of NKM lecture

Date : 29 Oct 2010 (Friday)
Time : 11.45 am - 12.45 pm
Venue : 3.05 (LT1)

GIT Lectures - 2 NOV 2010

Dear Students,
Please be informed that the lecture by Dato Kew Siang Tong on 'Endoscopy & Investigation in GI Cases' will be conducted as follows:

Date : Tuesday, 2 November 2010
Time : 2.45 - 3.45pm
Venue : 3.05 (LT 1)

Therefore, Ms Mangala's lecture on 'Liver Structure' will be held at 1.30 - 2.30pm on the same day & at the same venue

Kindly, take note of the change in time. Thank you.

Rent/Sale link on SRC blog

Exclusively for IMU students:
If you are interested to view/post advertisements on 2nd hand items/rentals, pls sign up on the Rent/Sale link clickable on http://imusrc.blogspot.com by referring to the attached picture.
OR, you can simply click on this link for signing up: http://groups.google.com/group/imusrc?hl=en-GB

Dates for EOS

Dear students,

Please inform your batch mates that the attached EOS3 exam dates (MAIN & RESIT) have been put up on the Student Notice Board & I-Drive (under timetable and notices).

Kindly, also blog this info on your batch blog.

Thank you.

More Halloween Night Info

Dear all,

The promo video and the posters for the upcoming Halloween Night are finally up. Thank you to my dearest committees!! *heart* The great deal of this event is that this event is actually organized by us ME 210 batch.

Why should you come for this event?

  • We've got DJs from famous clubs and Hitz.fm.
  • We've free passes to Mist Club to be given out.
  • We've Yusri to perform MJ for us.
  • We've SRC to perform.
  • We've our BATCHMATES to perform.
  • We've games booths going on.

What more?


Denise (M210 batch rep)

Updates on Halloween Night Event

Oh one more thing, please update your batchmates that there will be an AFTER-PARTY well planned on that night itself to the MIST club. DJs are from ZOUK, Loft and Hitz.fm.

Thank you.

Replacement Lecture - Dr Vera

Dear students,

Please be informed that the replacement lecture for 'Food Poisoning' will be held on Tuesday, 26 Oct 2010 :

Time : 1.30 - 2.30pm
Venue : LT1 (3.05)

Thank you.


Hey everyone,

Please note this down:

Week 6 PBL 1 Session on the 16-Nov-10
has been changed to 08:30-10:00 am

A copy of this change in timetable can also be found on the iDrive


Colgate Oral Health Products for Sale during Oral Health Awareness Campaign- 16 October

The dental students will be selling Colgate Oral Health Products to raise money for our upcoming community projects (Sponsoring dental treatment of old folk's home, visit to the orphanage...).

Do support us and come by our booth at the IMU DRIVEWAY starting from 9.30am-4pm tomorrow, 16 OCTOBER, Saturday.
The prices are even lower than pharmacies, supermarkets etc..

Also, do come by and enjoy the Oral Health Awareness Campaign with free dental screenings, "teeth talks" :D, exhibition with many goodies to take home this Saturday!!

The opening ceremony starts at 9am in the Auditorium.
Thank you. See you tomorrow!
Chong Jun Ai (DT108)

Extension of Due Date for student under PTPTN fund

Dear students,
Greetings from cashier's office. Kindly be informed that, we have extended the due date for payment of fees until Monday, 18 October 2010, regardless payment received from PTPTN or not.

Please be advised, failing to settle ALL payment by the above date will result in students being barred from attending classes or sitting for exams starting 19 October 2010.
Do take note that this is only a once off and no further extension will be granted in future. Thus, all payment must be made on/before the deadlines given.

Please note that this applicable only for existing PTPTN students not semester 1 student intake July 2010. Should you need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Juliana Yunus
Finance Department
International Medical University
No.126 Jalan Jalil Perkasa 19
57000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-2731 7366 ext. 2505
Fax: 603-8656 8824 (Finance Dept)


To students who need to submit their loan documents,

The PTPTN officers will be here to collect the relevant documents on:

Date : 16 October 2010 (Saturday)

Time : 8.30 am – 1.00 pm

Venue : Room 1.10, First Floor

Kindly have your documents ready for collection.

Please let me check your documents to ensure that they are complete and to avoid any unnecessary delay.

Thank you.

Noor Liza (ext 6102)

Student Services Dept, Grd Flr

IMU Photography Club Welcoming Party

Dear batchmates,

The IMU Photography Club is having its WELCOMING PARTY!

Date: 11 October, Monday
Time: 11.30am - 1.30pm
Venue: SR4 (1.10, near PBL rooms)

They will be electing new committee members (a lot of posts available) and there's FREE FOOD!

IMU Photography Club

SRC October Promotions


1. There will be 3 new food choices when you feel exhausted from excessive studying, or just simply feel too hungry.

Foodprints - every TUE and THU: 10 am to 3pm - at 3rd floor outside the Library They will serve the food in disposal containers and will also offer discount if you bring your own containers.

Shirley's Recipe Sdn Bhd - WEEKDAYS: 4 - 8 pm, a set meal is at least RM4.50 - outside student lounge

Assam Fish Restaurant (tentatively) - daily evening at IMU drive

2. With a clear mind and feeling energised after a sumptous meal, it's time for serious study. Not to worry, there is a TEMPORARY STUDY AREA (till Mar 2011) next to IMU Clinic.

3. However, we need to relax at times. Why don't you take a short trip to Carrefour or Pasar Malam EVERY TUE? - 7 pm outside IMU (driver could drop you off at Pasar Malam) - 9 pm at Carrefour - RM1!!! (1st come 1st serve)

4. Finally, do not miss the HIGHLIGHT of Oct - HALLOWEEN NIGHT (29-Oct-2010). More details will be announced.

Blood Bank Visit - GROUP 5

Please be informed that your visit will be held as follows :
Date : 19 October 2010 (Tuesday)
Time : 8.15am (wait for the bus)
Visit time : 9.00am - 11.00am
Contact person at Blood Bank : Miss Yessy Octavia Misdi


Dear students,
Please be informed that the replacement lecture for 'Principles of Anticoagulant Theraphy' will be held tomorrow Friday, 8 Oct 2010 :
Time : 9.15am - 10.15am
Venue : LT3 (4.02)
Thank you.

Alumni Talk on Postgrad Training in the UK

This Friday (8/10), there will be an alumni talk by Dr. Lim Chou Phay about competition into Postgrad training in the UK. As it will be pretty useful for those going to the UK, please put it up on the batch blog and make announcements if possible. I know this is kinda late, sorry for the delay.

Speaker: Dr. Lim Chou Phay
Previously: Student from M2/01 who transferred to Southampton Partner Medical School. Subsequently did 2 years of training in South England and is now in second year in a specialty program in Aberdeen in O&G.
Topic: Competition into post graduate training in the UK
Venue: SR5(3.06) - Opposite library

Student Representative Council
International Medical University

Our Chatbox

Dear Batchmates,

Regarding our chatbox, I know we've had a lot of spam and other messages posted on it recently. Please note that the messages is not within our power to delete them.

If you'd like to have an extensive discussion/rants about particular topics, please set up your own blog (sorry if that sounds mean).

Should you have any major complaints, doubts or have some enquiries, please feel free to approach either Elden or I (Brenida). You can come directly or e-mail us.

We're currently trying our best to post everything up on the blog, but refer to announcements made in class for first hand information.

Thank you all for your attention.

Food Fundraiser - Community Service Club: CHANGE IN DATE

Dear batchmates,

The Food Fundraiser organised by the Community Service Club for their trip to Laos will be brought forward to the 11th of October 2010 (Next Monday).

Please support them! :)

Food Fundraiser for Laos Villagers

The Community Service Club of IMU is having a Community-Oriented Overseas Trip to LAOS from the 20th - 27th of November 2010. They will be building a small library corner & will be conducting health screenings for the villagers of MuangKham Village, Luang Prabang.

They need to raise funds for the building of the library corner and for equipment for the health screening sessions, and therefore are having a Food Bazaar on Wednesday (6th October) and Thursday (7th October) from 1 pm onwards at the Atrium.

Please do come and contribute to a worthy cause. Your help is much needed!

Thank you.
Community Service Club

CVS + RESPI Summative Feedback Session (Compulsory)

Dear batchmates,

Please come for the Summative FEEDBACK SESSION as stated below:

Date : 4 October 2010 (Monday)
Time : 9.00 - 10.00am
Venue : LT1 (3.05)
Lecturer : Dr Vera

SRC and the lecturers have put in a lot of effort to organising this for our benefit,
so please make the most of it ya! :)

GIT System Timetable, Study Guide and CSU Manual

Hey everyone,

Learning material for GI System is now up on iDrive.

It can be found by following this pathway:
iDrive > Timetable and Notices > Medical Sciences > Semester 3 > ME209 > GIT System

Feedback Session - Summative CVS/RS

Referring to the above, please be informed that the feedback session will be conducted as follows:

Date : 4 October 2010 (Monday)
Time : 9.00 - 10.00am
Venue : LT1 (3.05)
Lecturer : Dr Vera

Attendance is compulsory.

Workshop: Becoming a good helper

Dear All Student,
We are rescheduled the training for those who not able to make it this week.
Come and join us!!
Workshop: Becoming a good helper

Are you facing difficulty to consult those who need help?

What are the skills that could help us?

You need more practice to become a good helper, eg as a doctor?

Come and join us!!!!

Date: 2 Oct 2010 (Sat)

Time: 10am—5pm

Venue: 3.06 (SR5)

Open for all students

Organized by Counselling Unit

Deadline for registration: 30 September 2010 (Thursday)

Limited place: 30 pax

Please send me your Name, Student ID, Contact no for registration.

Lets come to practise, & have fun together.
The workshop is designed in such at more practical session for the developing the counseling skills.
Counseling skills is a useful tool to communicate with others.
It is beneficial for history taking tools for doctor, nurses, or other health sciences professional.
Attached is the details of the proposal from the company.
Dr Lee Chee Siang, who is the main speaker of the workshop, he got his PHD in counselling. He is a Registered Counselor (KB, PA) with more than 12 years of experience.
His expertise is in Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Organizational Consultation, Assessment & Customized Intervention, Critical Incident Stress Management, Work Life Balance Program, Psychological Intervention for Adolescents, Adults, Couple & Family, Career Counseling,Teaching.
Thank you.
Best regards,
Yap Ming Fai
Student Counsellor,
+60 (3) 2731 7454 (Direct)
+60 (3) 012-6980525 (H/P)

Haematology System Study Guide

Hey everyone,

The study guide for haematology system is finally up. Head over to iDrive to download it by following this pathway:

iDrive > Timetables and Notices > Medical Sciences > Semester 3 > M209 > Haematology System > ME209-HS Study Guide.pdf

Take Care!

Shuttle Bus To And Fro IMU & Carrefour Next Tue (7PM Outside IMU) - RM1!!! and Rent/Sale on SRC Blog

Hi all,

Pls let students know the following:
The shuttle bus will leave at 7 pm sharp from IMU to Carrefour, and 9 pm sharp from Carrefour to IMU.

Date: 28-Sep-10 (Tue)
Time to wait outside IMU: 630 pm
Time to wait outside Carrefour: 830 pm
Fee: RM1

Thank you very much!
Warmest regards,
Joyce Tey
PR Liaison


Dear all,

I have another short announcement as well from SRC. Pls let the students know that the Rent/Sale link is active on SRC blog for the rentals, sale of 2nd hand stuff, just simply sign up.

If students have any queries regarding shuttle bus & rent/sale link, pls refer them to SRC blog.

Thank you very much!

Warmest regards,
Joyce Tey
PR Liaison

Respiratory M2/09 Semester 3 Course Evaluation

Dear Students,

For those who still not done the Respiratory Course online evaluation, please go to this URL (where you can access from home) and do the necessary before next Monday, 27 September 2010. We need your co-operation to do this exercise for curriculum development.

URL Survey : http://its.imu.edu.my/imusurvey

Your co-operation is highly appreciated.

Rohayati Raben
CtME Office

SingHealth Talk

Hey everyone.

Could you please spread the word bout the talk that is going to be held this Friday(24th) at 9am in LT2. Its more for PMS students who wish to work in Singapore. Its also for those people who are not accepted to do their internship overseas and are forced to come back to Malaysia and would like an alternative. I have already announced it but please remind the students. Please encourage the PMS students to attend. Thank you very much! =)

Student Representative Council
International Medical University


Dear Students,

Those of you whose applications were rejected by the August and September 2010 deadlines process due to ‘inactive course’, please submit your names and IC no. to your batch reps asap.

Submit the list of names to me latest by Thursday, 23 September 2010. These lists will be submitted to PTPTN for their actions. Otherwise you will have to apply again by the 30 January 2011 deadline. This means that you will lose one semester of the loan period.

Your cooperation in this matter is highly appreciated. Our sincere apologies for all the inconveniences caused.

Thank you.

Noor Liza (ext 6102)

Student Services Dept, Grd Flr

Blood Bank Visit (Especially Group 2)

Dear batchmates,
For the Blood Bank Visit, I'm sure many of you (esp. Group 2 people) have questions regarding what time the bus leaves and what's the dress code:

Bus Departure Time (Don't be late ok!): 08.30 a.m.
Dress Code: Same as uni dress code. Bring along your lab coat just in case.

Enjoy hols!